Certificate of Analysis

Manufacturing Data

Product Name  
Latin Name  
Batch No.   Batch Size  
Date of Analysis   Date of Report  
Analysis Report No.   Origin of RM  

Quality Data (Physical & Chemical)

Test Parameters Specifications Results Test Procedure
Odour & taste
TLC  Identification
Mesh Size
Solubility (Water)
Solubility (Methanol )
Loss On Drying (at 1050C)
Residue on ignition
Density App. (gm/ml)
Tapped density(gm/ml)
Aflatoxins B1 5 ppb max    
Total Heavy Metal 10 ppm max.    
Lead (pb) 0.5 ppm max.    
Arsenic (As) 0.5 ppm max.    
Pestiside  Residue 2.0 ppm max    
Assay  ( Active content)      

Quality Data (Microbiological)

Total Bacterial Count 1000 cfu/gm Max.    
Yeast and Mould 100 cfu/gm Max.    
E.Coli Absent    
Salmonella Absent     
Stap. Aureus Absent    
Pseudomonas Absent    

Quality Data (Additional )

Re-Test date  
Storage Condition Store in a cool place , avoiding direct sun light
Shelf Life 24 months
Packaging Food grade multilayer  polyethylene bags then in  cardboard drum


Remarks /Conclusion  


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