Company Profile

Oxynature Products Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading fast growing herbal pharmaceutical , food supplement company in India . The company is a manufacturer , Exporter , Importer and supplier of standardized herbal extracts, phytochemicals, Food supplements , Essential oils , oleoresin and Ayurvedic / Herbal finished Products, which are effective, safe and consistent.

The standardized products under human healthcare are targeted for Herbal , nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics & food products industries in India and across the world .

The Oxynature developed products are in the equilibrium state of the Panch Tatvas of human body namely Fire ( Agni ), Water ( Jala ), Ether ( Akasha ), Earth ( Prithvi ) and Air ( Vayu ). Our founder’s belief in the healing power of herbs was unwavering. He felt that if people were offered safe , consistent and effective herbal medicines, they would come to accept them as part of their healthcare & personal care routine. We are committed to maintain high standard hygienic conditions while manufacturing , packing the medicines. Also, maintain punctuality and sincerity while delivering the products in the national and international market.

Oxynature Products Pvt. Ltd. works on ancient principles of Ayurvedic medicine with the latest scientific technology to provide the highest quality herbal supplements available. Ayur-veda means “the science of life,”and has the target to provide cost effective, innovative and premium quality products.

We are committed to provide timely delivery, flawlessly at client’s site. Our business transactions are transparent and hassle free, enhancing the customer experience in the buying process.

We maintain the highest quality-control standards at the every stage of manufacturing process(Start to end) and at the time of releasing the products to market .