New Product Development


  • Consultant play an important role in Product development , quality systems and regulatory requirement. They provide technical consultancy with strategic and regulatory relevance ensuring guidelines .
  • We are specialized to  provide  research and development input for the Herbal medicine  industries, Ayurvedic formulators, Nutraceuticals and Functional foods organizations.  We provide complete solution for technological development from small scale level  to commercial level  for formulation &  herbal  extraction.

We provide consultancy for all round solutions of  formulation development, setting up testing parameters, procurement of right raw material (Herbs, extracts, phytochemical ,Botanical /Herbal/Nutraceuticals/Functional food ), setting up extraction units and formulation units , extraction technique  of active ingredients , herbal and neutraceutical  products  formulations ,  etc.
We  make you comfortable and more confident by providing the following steps

Clearing the Scientific and regulatory path .

Product chemistry , manufacturing and quality control

Answering questions of regulatory authorities .

Managing  the project

Product development and quality control system of Ayurvedic, Herbal, Nutraceutical, Dietary Supplement, Plant Extract, Botanical,  and cosmeceutical products.

Establishing analytical parameters (Standardization), Stability profiling, pre clinical research, technical information like method development, dossier ,  literature and documentation writing .

New Product Development as per requirement ( Export and Domestic) Our technical expert have the  Depth knowledge of herbal raw materials, its dose, their active chemical compositions, possible interaction , compatible  packing material, and final uses  of the product. Our formulation development capabilities include :

  • Product costing  study
  • Formulation composition
  • Designing of dosage form – Tablets , Capsules , Syrups , Granules , Powder , ointment
  • Process parameters ( manufacturing and quality control)
  • Scale up ( From lab to pilot plant then commercial level)
  • Plant setup and modification
  • Cost controlling and cost reduction by waste control and guide to utilize existing infrastructure and manufacturing process.
  • Selection and Identification of herbs according to application
  • Process and technology development for specialized formulation and  extraction
  • Development of new formulation, application, process and technology
  • Selection  and Development of Analytical parameters and profile
  • Product and process  standardization and validation  of herbal medicines
  • Improvements in the existing products and processes
  • Protocol for Stability study and accelerated stability study
  • Protocol for Toxicity study
  • Quality Control Services
  • And also support stability testing :
  • Compile the Interim stability reports, provided after each testing interval
  • Provide A final stability report after the last testing interval
  • QA review of reports and data.