Gambier Extract

Gambier Extract

Product Item: ONPL00000225
Latin Name: Uncaria gambier
CAS No.: 84650-60-2
Active Ingredient: Catechins
Specifications: 60:1
Test Method: TLC

Category: .

Product Description

Gambier Extract Profile

CAS No.84650-60-2
Product: Gambier-extract
Botanical Name: Uncaria gambier
Origin: China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia
Tanning classification : Pyrocatechin tanning material (Phlobaphen former)
Specification (all values according to the filter method): powder
Catechins Content: 20%


insolubles % 12.0
humidity % 12.0
dry matters % –
non tanning content %   17.0
Density (° Bé) –
pH (6.9° Bé) 4.6 +/- 0.3
ash % 4.5


Description :
Gambir extract is a tanning agent extracted from the leaves of the Uncaria Gambir plant, which comes from Asia and only grows approximately 10° north or south of the equator line. The plant, which grows as a wild bush, can also be cultivated. The Gambir extract is won from the leaves, partly without the branches by extraction with water at a temperature of 85-90°C and evaporation. The powder is then made by the spray-dry method.


Application :
By using Gambir extract only, a very soft leather can be obtained, particularly in the re-tanning of calf-leather. However, Gambir extract is also used for the re-tanning of chrome-tanned glove leather, with a remarkable fullness of the leather as well as softness and elasticity.


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