Marigold Extract Lutein

Marigold Extract Lutein

Product Item: ONPL00000182
Latin Name: Calendula officinalis
CAS No.: 127-40-2
Active Ingredient: Lutein
Specifications: 5%
Test Method: UV-VIS

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Product Description

Lutein 5% min from Marigold Extract


Latin Name: Calendula officinalis


Part Used: Dried flower petals


Active Ingredient: Lutein


Marigold flowers are manufactured from the dried flower petals. These are extracted according to high standard specifications. The marigold extract is heated to increase flowability and then purified to remove the fatty acids commonly found in marigold extract and produces crystalline lutein and zeaxanthin.


Lutein is a well known carotenoid found in the human diet, blood, and tissues. Evidence suggests that lutein consumption is inversely related to eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts. This is supported by the finding that lutein is specifically deposited in ocular tissues, such as the lens and the macula lutea, an area of the retina responsible for central and high acuity vision. Lutein is believed to function in two ways: First in a photo-protective way as a filter of damaging blue light from sunlight. Second as an antioxidant that quenches free radicals and reactive oxygen species.


Lutein is found extensively in the human diet, being present mostly in dark, leafy green vegetables, such as spinach, kale and broccoli.


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