Peppermint Extract

Peppermint Extract

Product Item: ONPL00000191
Latin Name: Mentha piperita
CAS No.: 84082-70-2
Active Ingredient: Violat Oil
Specifications: 12:1
Test Method: TLC

Category: .

Product Description

CAS No. Registry Number: 84082-70-2

Peppermint Extract Mentha piperita Violat Oil

Peppermint Extract
Herba Menthae Extract
Mentha heplocalyx Briq. Extract
Peppermint is the dried aerial part of Mentha heplocalyx Briq. (Fam. Labiatae).


Action: To dispel wind-heat from the head and eyes, and to promote eruption.

Indications: Headache in influenza, upper respiratory infection and other epidemic febrile diseases at the inital stage; inflammation of the eye, sore throat, ulcers in the mouth; rubella measles; discomfort with feeling of distension in the chest and hypochondriac regions.


Usage: To be added when the decoction is nearly done


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